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By the end of the documentary she had become friends with her Muslim hosts, and was left convinced that white and Muslim Brits need to put on a 'united front' in the face of adversity and terrorism.

The positive outcome also prompted tweets from viewers who praised Channel 4 for creating an 'eye opening' show.

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Just 10 minutes into the hour-long programme, one viewer posted: 'This woman is so awful I can barely watch it.' Cameras followed Katie as she grappled to integrate with the community - including during a stint as a chaperone on a 'date' between two young Muslims looking to marry.'For Saima if she came here and her family came here they'd have that abuse all the time wouldn't they?It would be relentless.'At the beginning of the documentary Katie admitted her prejudices about Muslims, confessing that she had once left a shop because her daughter was left 'frightened' when a woman wearing a burka entered.My Week as a Muslim saw Katie move in with Saima Alvi, 49, and her family to live life according to Islamic customs, and also experience some of the prejudices they face in a culture of Islamophobia.The filming schedule for the documentary overlapped with the Manchester terror attack.

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