Shat cam

Facebook’s Analog Research Lab screen printing room churns out motivational banners with wild colors and bold text.

Whitley tells me that when Messenger’s team made art for countries like Thailand, “we vet that and get that reviewed by people who speak the language.

Type, Doodle or Sticker: You can also spice up your images the old-fashioned way with overlaid text, drawing or any of Facebook Messenger’s popular stickers.

Blank Canvas: If you don’t want to take a photo, you can swipe sideways or hit the palette button to create a solid color canvas to write on top of or adorn with stickers that are already sent 2 billion times per day.

It takes anything you type, then programmatically spawns art that blows up those words in goofy fonts that you can splash atop your imagery.

That’s Facebook Messenger’s strategy to steal the visual communication crown from Snapchat, thanks to its new camera feature that rolls out today. Messenger’s camera can make an infinite number of overlaid graphics to jazz up your photos and videos.

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