Somali girls dating black men

In the past I had flirted with androgyny by wearing women's jewelry and a dash of perfume but I had never worn a dress.

A city of 500,000, it is as poor as anywhere in Africa, a tumbledown collection of breeze-block buildings and dirt roads resembling a shanty town.Variants of this thinking extend across most cultures, belief systems, races and sexualities: Western gay culture is as obsessed with exaggerated masculine traits as the patriarchs of Somali clans.Femininity is predominantly perceived as an unappealing quality, a canceling-out of hyper-valorised masculine traits, with effemiphobia reaching its natural end-point on the online gay dating circuit with the infamous "No fems" or "be straight-acting" tags that pop up on most profiles.In the case of gay men one could argue that decades if not centuries of stigmatization have created a culture of conformity fueled by internalized homophobia: The accusation -- and it is framed as an accusation -- that same-sex-attracted men fail to be authentically masculine has left an enduring mark.But where does that leave everyone else who doesn't fit the "straight-acting" tag?

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