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She has an identical twin sister, living in Buffalo.The girls were separated at birth, as part of a research project.She played Donna Barnes in The Mind of the Married Man TV series on HBO.

The two are happy and totally satisfied with each other's presence so they aren't even thinking of getting divorce.

Arriving on the scene looking chicer and sexier, "Linda" (also played by Sonya Walger) wants to meet her twin and begin a familial relationship.

After they meet, "Kate" says she gets a bad feeling from "Linda" and decides she wants nothing more to do with the woman. She contacts her sister's handsome defense attorney husband Ben Bass (as Jack Mc Lennan) and begs for a second chance...

However, it could knock your socks off if you're not expecting too much.

It begins as an intriguing idea, written by Pablo F. The latter works well with Walger and Bass, as we decipher their marriage unraveling.

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