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It can get to just 1mm away from any sensitive structures, the researchers say. You slow down to navigate it safety.' The drill, which has yet to be tested on humans, does the heavy lifting by removing most of the bone accurately and rapidly.

The researchers applied the new drill to the translabyrinthine opening, a particularly complex jigsaw-like shape that circumnavigates the ear.

Developers believe the computer-driven gadget, which works like 'Google Maps', could play a pivotal role in future surgical procedures.

Prices start from just £59, and you can take your scan home on a souvenir USB or DVD.

It is performed thousands of times a year to expose slow-growing, benign tumours that form around the auditory nerves.

This cut is not only difficult, the cutting path also must avoid several sensitive features, including facial nerves and the venous sinus - a large vein that drains blood from the brain and the risks of this surgery include loss of facial movement.

We offer convenient scan appointments at more than 80 clinics that can easily be booked through our secure online system.

A robotic drill could be the future of surgery and could help cut the time of a routine brain operation from two hours - to two-and-a-half minutes.

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