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You’ll also see a notification on your PC when your smartphone has low battery power, so you’ll know when to charge it.Cortana will offer a “find my phone” feature that can remotely geolocate your phone on a map or ring it if you lose it in nearby.They promise better support for multiple GPUs as well as modding, overlays, and more in the future.Microsoft also says they’ll soon support bundles and season passes in the Windows Store.Windows 10’s second big update, dubbed the “Anniversary Update”, is finally here.

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And, she can push stuff to and from your mobile device, including notifications and text messages.If you promised Chuck you’d send him that Power Point in an email, Cortana will know, and remind you to fulfill that commitment later on.Furthermore, if you add an appointment to your calendar, it’ll know if that appointment overlaps with another, and ask you if you want to re-schedule one of the overlapping events.You could use it to convert an old desktop application to a UWP application and sideload the application, installing it from outside the Store, if you wanted to. We’ve already seen that games bought from the Windows Store are missing certain features.Microsoft has already added support for disabling Vsync and enabling G-Sync and Freesync.

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