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Another one would be if someone was was being clumsy about doing something, he would say " they be like a cow handlin' a musket! When I was a child learning to read, I remember him explaining the spelling of the word "CONTENTS" at the beginning of the book by the acronym "Cows Ought Not To Eat Nasty Turnip Skins", or (backwards) "Stan Takes Nancy Every Tuesday Night Out Courtin'" - Isn't it amazing just how such trivial things stick in your mind.

" (great site, by the way ) - Wil Ted Hewlett, British Columbia, Canada I think what follows is my last contribution of memories of my grandmother's Devon sayings in dialect, heard via my father.My ol' Dad had a number of sayings which I've only ever heard in Devon.For instance he would say that someone was "as daft as a brish " (meaning as daft as a brush or stupid).(I don't remember being told any more.) Apparently a villager living by himself had--like others in the same situation-- acquired the habit of conversing with himself.His name was Farmer Gammin (a name that I have discovered was in truth found in my grandmother's village). ) Moiy Buurd (My Bird) Me Aansom (My Handsome)Moiy Flower.

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