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Têtes à claques is a French-language humour website created on 16 August 2006. Over one million short videos are watched per day, making it one of the most popular francophone websites in Quebec (and eventually Canada as a whole). The most popular of these include Le pilote, Le Willi Waller, and Halloween. In 2008, Vertigo Candy used Beaudet's animation and voice talent as advertising on their front page. On 12 November 2006, Beaudet appeared on the Quebec television show Tout le monde en parle (Everyone's Talking About It) hosted by Guy A. He noted many employers have blocked access to the site because it has become so popular that workers were watching it during the day. - Raoul Robideux - Lucien and Monique - Uncle Ted - Natasha - Captain Cooper -Co-Pilot Dwayne - Gabriel and Samuel - Jimmy and Ray I. Capitaine Kung Fu Part 1 [Captain Kung Fu Part 1] 41. In 2007, Têtes à claques started pre-sales of its Region 1 DVDs. The DVD includes the first 45 clips, the history of Têtes à claques, character bios, and English, Quebec French and international French subtitles.

Just like TAC.tv, Knuckleheads' made several edits and changes to make jokes understandable for the English speaking audiences.

They also made numerous name changes, even some different from such as the famous used character Uncle Tom now renamed as Uncle Ted (possibly to avoid any racial issues).

The series finally premiered on Adult Swim Canada on January 2016, making it the first time Têtes à claques aired on English-speaking television.

Miss Québec Super Body [Miss Super Body Québec] 60. La prise d'otage Part 2 [The Hostage Taking Part 2] 62. Le Easy Storing System [The Easy Storing System] 64.

Les joies de l’hiver Part 1 [The Joys Of Winter Part 1] 80.

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