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These free spiritual counseling sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes.

There are many reasons to call our free counselling hotline.

A thin red string worn around many people’s wrists indicates a growing popularity in the Kabbalah movement.

Soul Urge Numbers and their Meanings This is a list of the Soulurge numbers and their meanings in Numerology. Use the elements of nature to inspire you in your name decision.

When you call our prayer line, one of our ministers will join with you in prayer.

Afterwards, he or she will share with you a brief message from Spirit to help you experience the peace, love, and support God has for you.

Nature Names - Connecting with the Elements We name our kids after almost every element in our daily life.

But Why don't we name more babies after elements of nature?

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When computer technology allows us to connect to remote parts of the world in milliseconds, when you can walk into a GAP store in Calcutta or eat authentic Indian food in downtown Tokyo, a lot parents today are trying to break the conventional molds that were common for two thousand years.Our mindfulness meditation techniques will help you to quiet your mind, release painful thoughts and emotions, connect with your divine inner awareness, feel more peace and love in your life, and experience your Oneness with All That Is.Called "Extending Love to Your Thoughts," our meditation techniques are simple to learn and can be applied in every area of your life.Names According to Places A new trend in baby naming looms to take over a generation of babies.It is naming babies after cities, rivers, countries and continents.

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