Sql server view not updating

The database had the Auto Update Statistics option enabled, and I had added almost 25,000 rows to a table with 121,000 rows.

The number of rows added via the bulk import was just over the limit to trigger an auto-update of statistics for the next query, which I showed.

Now let’s issue an update against statistic object automatically updated.

Invoking the Automatic Update We have not run any query against except our bulk insert.

If so, the plan is removed from the cache, and during recompilation of the query, the statistics are updated.

The plan also is removed from the cache if any of the statistics it depends on have changed.

Test Sales Order Detail'); This is my go-to DMV for statistics because in addition to including the date that statistics were last updated and row information, I also get a count of modifications since the last statistic update.

I just created the table, so the Last Updated date is current, and I have not made any changes so the modification count is 0.

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