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So thank you and good luck to all the people still searching, don't give up. Although I’m by no means wealthy (0k a year) I was able to find on your site an amazing, beautiful, kind, bright and tolerant woman who is 14 years younger. We just learned a couple of weeks ago that we are going to have a baby! If she hadn't taken the first step I would never have fallen in love. When she walked in to meet me there must have been 50 men in the room and the room went silent -- she is that beautiful. I joined out of being bored and nosey, never expected to get the respose I did from the male members.While I had seen her picture (and not on the site I might add), no picture could have done her justice. She is brilliant, funny, exciting and now my best friend and lover forever. It was something I figured was a joke or totally stereotypical and probably a long shot in finding anything real. I met a great guy in December and we just got engaged. I've had great fun, made some fantastic friends and now thanks to you a great man!!A person once said to me, after finding out that I'd met my boyfriend on your site, that they were surprised I was looking for a sugardaddie. Our relationship hit us both like an earthquake -- but in a great way!I explained that although there were people on here interested in a more realisticapproach to dating, that the reason a lot of women come here isn't to find some one to take care of us. a gentleman who has aquired a lot of money is generally educated, not lazy, intelligent, more tolerant and well travelled as a result. Sincerely, Dear Sugar Daddie: Ok, so I have been with the site for quite some time and then -- what an experience! We have been attached as if we were meant to be together from the moment life began for each of us.I just finished an amazing eight month relationship with a woman I met here and have a deep ongoing friendship with another.Being on here has also lead to some wonderful times with girls who already knew me before seeing me here.

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If you don't like the site, go away, but just remember, everyone has a right to be happy and find what they might be looking for.Life keeps getting better everyday and I can't wait to see what's next! I have found the most amazing, fabulous woman on SD. We exchanged a couple of emails about what we do for a living, and how long had we been on this site, nothing too in depth, just a couple of questions.It's like I've been struck by a bolt of lightning - I've been in a daze ever since we found each other. Had it not been for SD the chances of my meeting this guy would have been very very slim. :) I have met my Prince on this site and he has asked me to marry him!!! , My Dating Status: I have just met the most wonderful woman from this website. The gentleman then called me on the phone and we talked.Just like to say congratulations, your website is fantastic, good layout and very attractive ladies!I have been on other singles pay sites before, but since your site I have cancelled all the others. Regards, Whomever you are, Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site.

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