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Hell even FOUR rinks seemed like it was in the boonies.Richmond was another country as far as we were concerned.Mass production techniques now firmly established; telephones were losing some of their ornate finish and decoration.Sales in Mexico led to inroads into South American countries.Whalley definetly sucks but I don't think the city deserves a bad as a reputation as it really has. It seems like whenever I say I live in Surrey, Whalley in particular, people just think I am ghetto or poor. I think though, the real truth lies that we are behind the bridges, and that creates a saftey buffer...So since everyone seems to need someone to dump on...not pick on the dudes across the pond.....

The rest, well most of it, is a nice place...Surrey has a lot to brag about, including girls dressed in black! The following year, LM Ericsson and Cedergren toured the United States, visiting several telephone exchange stations to gather "inspiration".Ericsson's equipment was sold mainly to free telephone associations in the Swedish countryside and in other Nordic countries.It suffers from sprawl and thus spawns places like Walley. I have to agree with Vert on the sprawl theory because when you get a place this size you are going to get all types of people living here.And after the last couple of days, Richmond could easily start being the brunt of some jokes.

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