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Larsson, a life-long opponent of violence against women, witnessed a brutal rape when he was just 15; the Swedish title of his book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was Men Who Hate Women. Last July, the statute of limitations on the case ran out, which means no one can ever be tried again for the crime.

At 30, Härm had already published papers and spoken at international conferences on his main topic of interest – death by strangulation.Neither suspect has been employed since first arrested.I travelled to Sweden to ask those involved in the case if Härm and Allgen are the victims of a prejudiced media-led campaign.Until the da Costa case, Sweden liked to think of itself as a respectable, liberal country where not much happened.Today, thanks to the uniquely dark and grisly novels of Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson, we know that isn’t the case.

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