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Lebowski: Botminator, wait for market to punish crowd sale Lord Beer: old BTC, you sure its a stray...? Chairman Meow: robertcallglobal, It's a good buy if you like burning money seikuuken: Bitcrystals maybe going to 50k : D old BTC: Lord Beer, well funny you ask...

I though it was my neighbors indoor Lebowski: Botminator, not yet.

chinomoreno: drc10101, it will not wbe4ever: drc10101, something has to happen Solar Powered: Please, do YOUR part to keep the TROLLBOX free of SPAM. micpro: XMR diff dropping like arock paper: cryptopops, though i got some on polo, and that portion i lost money on Rashers: I miss dao Botminator: the synereo amp sale what's the conclusion Mister Trader: i had free etc in my kraken account today Bull Trapped Bear: chinomoreno, but there is Serpent for Python Chairman Meow: Mister Trader, did you sell it?

lookup: Lord Beer, ive heard dat old BTC: I took in a stray ashapasa: Hoping for a drawback old BTC: cat Mister Trader: Chairman Meow, yes for sure cryptopops: paper, ya thats what i said its good u bought presale meaning your not bag holding , i thought u bought at the top and was just bagholding wicked223: BTCether, what are you going on about muppet Chairman Meow: Mister Trader, good man paper: cryptopops, after being around augur team in cali i pretty much went all in on rep robertcallglobal: ETC is a good buy. Botminator: Lebowski, is the punishment happening spleenfreeze: nice dump on etc!

The real problem is being adrrssed jonsnowknows: blockpay is looking solid mlanders RN: adoption can be solved by faster background checks on prospective parents. cryptopops: paper, no long as in your holding for the long haul micpro: China waking up chinomoreno: Bull Trapped Bear, actually there are millions of people coding javascript, all potential devs for the chain, and its nice to have a different platform besideseth ginko B: are there any other traders on here at Devcon2 right now in Shanghai? naw i was eth presale and put most into rep Sam Ace Rothstein: micpro, their gonna buy XMR cryptopops: paper, then price is irrelevant right now drc10101: LBCMiner, plus dash has coin op machines in service, its a start ashapasa: I am shorting already in profit Lord Beer: shes a little runaway Nice Try New NAme: Buying drugs thru the mail. v=s86K-p089R8 drc10101: anyone think a btc hardfork will happen?

Point of sail can be solved by attention to the wind, and taut rigging. Tjat problem is dolved Bull Trapped Bear: chinomoreno, ETH has Java Script, C and Python interpreted langs micpro: Sam Ace Rothstein, nope, China is only ETH ETH ETH Solar Powered: micpro, Lets please not start that spam, thank you. Sam Ace Rothstein: ashapasa, your gonna get squeezed Botminator: how is the synereo amp selling going on cryptopops: paper, ah resale ok thats very good thought u were bag holding from the top seikuuken: BCY looking very good ronnyboy183: china is eth and xrp Lord Beer: lookup, no..i singin XGa St: Etc volume getting lower now.. ashapasa: Monero price rose enough already today Lord Beer: ooooo shes a little runaway Mister Trader: etc dead? Bull Trapped Bear: chinomoreno, Well solidity is the Javascript version of the contract language.

ashapasa: I think I will short monero now Bull Trapped Bear: I love XMR, in March I bought 750 for about 1 btc, forgot about it , boom its work 10x a much lookup: omg i forgot to put chicken in oven bitcoin-d10e: jonsnowknows, x D Crane OS: amerinsyd, wir drfen kein deutsch reden ups jetzt hab ich es auch getan : D ashapasa: Hope I don't regret lol drc10101: Let me know when I can buy a gallon of fuel or loaf of bread with XMR LBCMiner: ashapasa, g, you'll be covering soon.

ian.w1337: Bull Trapped Bear, nice Cryptomight: ian.w1337, wait a week or so and you can buy at max again lol amerinsyd: Xoblort, ich bin betrunken?

Solar Powered: darkgreen, Lets use English please thank you!

However, here's some tips to mine the information you want: - Press ctrl f on your keyboard and enter the coin name you want to see a snapshot of opinion on. Lord Beer: message in a bottle ashapasa: Why is monero raising?

Maybe a particular coin has risen and you want to check the market sentiment and wisdom here for why- do a quick ctrl f search and catchup - When any coin name is mentioned you can click on it to go and see charts and trading summaries. amerinsyd: Always sucking at eths teet Sam Ace Rothstein: lookup, I kno just messing futzelkatz: am i banned? Bull Trapped Bear: futzelkatz, looks like it Solar Powered: futzelkatz, Nope :) Xoblort: lookup, work in a destillery micpro: It's moon time once ETH hits .022 Phinius: futzelkatz, yes Xoblort: /me patents whiskey milkshakes lookup: Sam Ace Rothstein, all good in the hood.. paper: cryptopops, i hold only btc, rep and eth, to speak of amerinsyd: lookup, he doesn't do rinks biodork: Xoblort, I just got a job too. rsknor: welcome to ban-heaven 420moviez: xmr back on top of volume BTCether: micpro, soon :) lookup: Lord Beer, wat it say?

bitcoin-d10e: its also impossible to buy XMR with fuel or break so what lookup: Hellor High Water, i eat that Mln Dlr Taco: NXT was added to azure ian.w1337: Cryptomight, I'm good at mining, awful at trading! wbe4ever: Morning troll and mods cryptopops: ian.w1337, in time bro chinomoreno: Bull Trapped Bear, same functionality but much more accepted programming language Solar Powered: wbe4ever, Morning! Hellor High Water: wbe4ever, howdy Solar Powered: darkgreen, Thank you :) Cryptomight: ian.w1337, me too man Crestington: drc10101, crypto is about trading for more btc paper: cryptopops, i think you meant unless i'm short (which i'm not) drc10101: LBCMiner, Yes, ur right! lookup: k cryptopops: paper, presale Crestington: ginko B, most people on here have less than the cost of the ticket alone Bane: Does china have ethfork on exchange now BTCether: whoever bought eth .017 lol rip BTCether: xmr ashapasa: Let's hope not paper: cryptopops, why bagholding?

drc10101: LBCMiner, Nice Try New NAme, all this crypto is interesting but no one is solving the real problem which is adoption and point of sale XGa St: Why Nav crash... bagz: XGa St, because it's not btc or ETH lol cryptopops: Crestington, 1000000000 Nice Try New NAme: drc10101, no. drc10101: Nice Try New NAme, hope so LBCMiner: drc10101, they are focusing on fast confirmation times and a pos market. presale eth was cheap BTCether: meant xmr wbe4ever: Etc is roadkill Lord Beer: lookup, https://

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