Telegraph argus dating

Explore special dates, great sporting moments, major historical events and much, much more...Historic Newspapers is the world's largest private archive of over 7 million Old Newspapers and Newspaper Books in a collection that is still growing every day.As only genuine originals are held in the archive, with no copies created, once an original newspaper title for a certain date has been sold it's unlikely to be replaced.

As a result of the time and expertise freely given to this worthy project by willing volunteers, administration costs are kept at a very modest level indeed.

The archive is created primarily from UK Historical Newspapers, both national and regional titles, spanning the last four centuries of our recent fascinating history.

This extensive collection has been assembled thanks to close relationships with various national and local Libraries, Government Departments, and Universities that, in years gone by, used to hold a newspaper from every day.

It provides a fantastic trip down memory lane and can be complimented with any one of our amazing presentation options.

This ensures your treasured keepsake newspaper will be both protected and preserved for enjoyment by future generations.

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