Terri runnels dating new jack

Runnels opens up about her years in the WWE as Marlena and her time with Dustin Runnels character Goldust.The character of Marlena was inspired by Marlena Dietrich.Runnels saves her anger for people who have doctored photos of her on the Internet making it seem like she posed naked.Runnels emphasizes the point she has never posed naked for publications like Playboy and never will.The character of Alexandra York was developed over a lunch meeting with Tony Schiavone.Runnels credits a number of people for introducing her to the wrestling game but particularly credits Terry Funk.

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Runnels starts the shoot interview detailing her life growing up in Florida.The interview quickly moves on to her career as a make-up artist with CNN.Runnels maintains she was rarely starstruck but does admit to an infatuation with Tom Selleck and Eric Estrada.The cigar-smoking came from the fact Runnels enjoyed smoking cigars in real life.Runnels gives credit to Dustin for making the Goldust gimmick work and also feels Vince Russo did a masterful job of writing many double entendres for the Marlena character.

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