Tfs generate list of changesets and updating work items

Additionally, you can list a subset of items based on keywords keywords or tags.

Browsers Connect to the web portal from the latest versions of these supported browsers:- Chrome- Edge- Firefox- Internet Explorer- Safari (Mac) Integrated Development Environments (IDE) Track work and integrate with your code, build, and test environments from the following clients:- Eclipse (Team Explorer Everywhere)- Visual Studio- Android Studio- Intelli J- Visual Studio Code To learn how to connect, see Connect to a team project.Report any problems through Developer Community or provide a suggestion on User Voice if you have ideas on things you’d like to see us prioritize.You can also get advice and your questions answered by the community on Stack Overflow.Multi-team backlog ownership Easily view and track items owned by other teams and quickly reorder and re-parent items to effectively manage your backlog.Change work item type (VSTS) If you've added a task instead of a bug and want to change the work item type to bug, you can.

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