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Zillow charges agents based on two main factors: When you sign up for Zillow Premier Agent, you’ll be asked to pick a zip code (or zip codes) that you want to be featured in.Since different zip codes can have very different real estate markets, you’ll pay a different monthly price based on what zip code you choose.As a result, this means more views = a higher monthly cost.We spoke to a few agents to find out what they pay for Zillow Premier Agent.While Zillow allows you to post listings for free, becoming a premier agent has two major benefits: Let’s take a look at the two types of listings on Zillow so you can see what I’m talking about.First, here’s a listing where the listing agent is not a Zillow Premier Agent.That means a monthly bill of 0, and a yearly bill of ,600.Let’s say it takes 500 impressions before a lead actually clicks on your name and sends you a message.

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In very high end markets (Manhattan, Beverly Hills, etc.), CPM will be even higher. The cost per impression varies widely depending on your zip code.

That means you should get roughly 10 leads per month, or 120 leads per year.

Since you’re spending 0 per month, that equates to per lead.

Note that her profile is listed first and labeled “Listing Agent” on the sidebar of the listing, but there are three other agents listed below her.

The reason why those three agents show up is that they are Zillow Premier Agents, and the listing agent is not.

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