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A new study surveyed 1,000 drivers and found that 98% of those who text everyday and drive frequently say the practice is dangerous. “There’s a huge discrepancy between attitude and behavior,” says David Greenfield, a University of Connecticut Medical School professor who led the study.

Just after the final whistle, I read the text's penultimate exchange between Cixous and longtime counterpart Jacques Derrida. Perhaps the season won't be as interminable as I feared. This is my first encounter with Helen Cixous and it is a pleasant one.The interviews in White Ink span more than three decades and include a new conversation with Susan Sellers, the book's editor and a leading Cixous scholar and translator. She shares her views on literature, feminism, theater, autobiography, philosophy, politics, aesthetics, religion, ethics, and human relations, and she reflects on her roles as poet, playwright, professor, woman, Jew, and, her most famous, "French feminist theorist." Sellers organizes White Ink in such a way that readers can grasp the development of Cixous's commentary on a series of vital questions.Taken together, the revealing performances in White Ink provide an excellent introduction this thinker's brave and vital work—each one an event in language and thought that epitomizes Cixous's intellectual and poetic force.REESES @Reeses PBCups 15h Replying to @Ajit Pai FCJordan_Morris @Jordan_Morris Im sick of these libs telling me l cant say Happy Honda Days because l might offend someone who celebrates Toyotathon.So I guess lm supposed to wish everyone a Happy Winter Car Sale?

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