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Some worry this is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.Another correction similar to the one 10 years ago would wipe out trillions of dollars around the world, and it’s then that the investment case for gold would become strongest.While I’m on the subject, inflows into cryptocurrencies have totaled more than 0 billion this year alone.To put that in perspective, the total sum of global equity mutual fund and ETF inflows were around 1 billion as of November 29.When charted against past gold bull markets, the present one looks as if it still has a lot of room to run.More than trillion sits in global equities right now, a monumental sum that’s likely to surge even more as we venture further into the bull market.The time between initial discovery and day one of production is also expanding.This has led many experts in the field to wonder if we’ve finally reached “peak gold.” Last year marked a turnaround in gold prices and gold stocks, and according to analysts at Incrementum Capital Partners, a Swiss financial management firm, they’re just getting warmed up.

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The stock market is still chugging along, and the just-passed tax reform bill is likely to help ratchet up share prices even more.

Cryptocurrencies have been hogging the spotlight lately, especially after bitcoin tumbled nearly 30 percent last Friday morning.

Because it’s been such a strong year for stocks—they’ve advanced more than 20 percent as of today—it’s likely that most investors will need to add to their gold exposure to meet that 10 percent weighting as we head into 2018.

Some investors might wonder why they need gold in their portfolios right now.

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