Updating and refreshing cube data 2016

This article describes the different ways in which a data cube or a data visualization can be refreshed to retrieve the latest changes in the underlying data source.

This is useful when the data source gets updated regularly and the changes in data need to be reflected on the dashboard.

Sat PM 4 000000B1 Timing, CUBE COMMIT, Sat PM 4 000000B1 Updating the Power Cube with optimized metadata.

Sat PM 4 000000B1 Start update of cube 'C:\Users\cognos.

Simply right-click on the Select transform node and select If the underlying data cube's storage type has been set to warehouse or in-memory, then it can be refreshed by either scheduling the re-build or by triggering the re-build via a script from the dashboard.

A data cube that is cached in warehouse or internal memory can be configured to refresh itself after an interval. every time the scheduler is run, the data cube is rebuilt and the dashboards displaying its data will reflect the updates the next time they load.

AZSGDOM\Documents\Transformer\Power Cubes\ Data Work Directory=..\temp\ Model Work Directory=..\temp\ Max Transaction Num=500000 Product locale: English (en) Run locale: English (United States) (en-us) Codepage: windows-1252 Sat PM 4 000000B1 Start cube update. Sat PM 4 000000B1 Timing, INITIALIZING CATEGORIES, Sat PM 4 000000B1 Start processing data source 'C:\Plan Cubes\source\GWP_Plan\AICS_MIS_BDU_Plan2012_CUBE.csv'. Sat PM 4 000000B1 Timing, OPEN DATA SOURCE, Sat PM 4 000000B1 End processing 3134 records from data source 'C:\Plan Cubes\source\GWP_Plan\AICS_MIS_BDU_Plan2012_CUBE.csv'.

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AZSGDOM\Documents\Transformer\Logs\ Model Save Directory=C:\Users\cognos. AZSGDOM\Documents\Transformer\Models\ Data Source Directory=..\data\ Cube Save Directory=C:\Users\cognos.

But if I log into the server (using the same user ID that I used to scheduled the above-mentioned job) and executed manually the job, it read the updated data source and refresh the cube perfectly.

Sat PM 4 000000B1 Transformer Sat Mar 09 2013 I have seen something like this several times in various environments (C10.1.1 and C10.2).

To do this, right click on the visualization to bring up the Context Menu.

Hi All, We just upgrade our Cognos from Ver 8 to Ver 10.2.

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