Updating calendar with birthdays

He actually warned this sort of thing might happen — that Google might “obnoxiously” force Birthdays on its users again, as he put it. The removal method Mulligan unearthed was already buried way down in the sort of web sub-menus where only the equivalent of digital dust spends any time.

It required you to click through to a random-sounding page labelled “Browse interesting calendars”, and then ignore the massive list of national holiday calendars which made the page look really, really boring and instead click on an unassuming “More” link.

Additionally, Gmail lets you add dates to your contacts; handy to note friends' birthdays.

*Note that you cannot add notifications — for instance by email or SMS — to your Google Calendar birthday calendar.

Specifically, this bit of Googly info-admin boils down to its algorithms harvesting the birth dates of all of your Google contacts (which means anyone you might email regularly) and any Google users you added to the circles of your (in all likelihood Google-enforced) Google profile, and then inserting those dates into your calendar so you don’t have to. Q: how useful is it to have the birthdays of people whose birthdays you don’t at all need to have in your calendar mixed in with the birthdays of people you do need in your calendar, cluttering up the place where you record other stuff you do really need to know? Google is probably too busy organizing the world’s information to register the universal indifference (to put it charitably) to this bit of information it’s “organized” unasked into your digital life.

The delivery medium for this latest stinker was a recent Google Calendar update, also enforced on users. Mountain View should probably take a little time out to study its own mission statement in full.

You could say the elusive unsubscribe information had been very well “organized” by Google.

(Add to that, the inoffensive name of the offending calendar compounded the quest to locate a specific setting from the underbelly of the corporate Internet.

Once you are in your Calendar, press the “Add calendar” button at the top and choose: Birthday calendar.

I've logged in google and I'm trying to get my google contacts birthdays to show up in google calendar.

I am subscribed to the my contacts birthday calendar but I cannot get their birthdays to show in the calendar. Thanks It may be an issue with the birthday format.

Universal accessibility — a criteria which an ‘enforced Birthdays calendar’ algorithm clearly meets — is also higher up the mission statement’s food chain, with “useful” appearing to be only tacked on as an afterthought.

Add to that, Google doesn’t specify to whom usefulness is aimed.

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