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A better solution for this is eventually needed or else some built in tools that can strip comments automatically.I’m doing the latter now through a custom script manager that minimizes and zips output, but really this should just not be necessary.Visual Studio is not checking for js files and mapping them to the plain –file – yet.So the following also works, but only if jquery.is provided.

With this support provided in Visual Studio it’s now become a lot easier to provide documentation in an external file simply by having a –file for the same file.In case you missed it: Microsoft released the second part of their support tools for j Query in Visual Studio this week.The second part comes in the form of a hotfix for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 that provides built-in support for –files to – when present – automatically provide Intellisense support in Javascript documents.I spoke with Jeff King last week at PDC and there’s a chance that support for js files might be added in the future natively.But even having the extra file should be no big deal because they are not used at runtime anyway so they don’t need to be deployed.

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