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I'm not having regular sex and when I masturbate do so in a gently manner only a couple times a week.

However, I've noticed that the couple times I have had sex since this condition started, my penis was extra sensitive and I ejaculated rather quickly.

Thanks so much in advance, I'm worried this might never go away. There are reports Aldara not being able to work 100% all of the time in cases of warts (See Pubmed 1565680271 as examples); where cases may or may not respond to Aldara.

As I explained in the earlier posting(s), this could be due to the presence of other common virus(es).

Wearing boxers and walking (or any kind of movement really) aggravates it as I think my underwear ends up rubbing the tip of my penis.

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The last thing that's different is that after I pee, I notice that there's a a little extra drip than usual, even after I clean up with toilet paper, the tip of my penis is moist.She rubbed the tip (meatus) with her thumb in a circular pattern, and did so pretty intensely although it didn't bother me too much at the time.A few days later I saw that the tip of my penis looked slightly different. I figured it was just a little traumatized after the handjob. Then in the month of January, I had quite a lot of unprotected sex with a girl who has since been tested and came out clean.But I do notice that when I'm tired and have had a late night, the condition worsens which leads me to believe it's tied to the strength of my immune system. I'd really appreciate any ideas on what might be causing this or what I could do in terms of treatment or other tests.Are there other STDs or STIs which could be the culprit that I haven't been tested for?

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