Updating ms access table from form

Hi: How do you update a table with values from unbound box. Else, the "Rev Memo" field will be updated with values from the text box. Rider Jon"I might have created ctrl alt del, But Bill made it famous" - Dr. If you you will want to put code in the afterupdate event of the combo box or the click event of a button if you will let them change their minds. Rider Jon"I might have created ctrl alt del, But Bill made it famous" - Dr. If the user selects "app", I want the value in the textbox to update "App Memo" column in tbl Info. I got it to work by putting the code in the "on Exit" event.Based on this aggregated data, I can manually review and determine what analysis code to append to another table in the database (that also holds the account codes). Can this "other" table that has the field you want to update be linked to your other table and query in one "large" query?Now, it's been a while since I've used Access, and I just can't remember how to create a Form to do this (basically to display the acct codes (from Query1 say) and the Descriptions (from Table1) and then for me to manually input an Analysis code in a third field and have this update to another table in the database). If so, then you should be able to add that field to the query.

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Several developers I know, experienced in both Visual Basic database development and Access development, estimate that development using Unbound Forms by experienced developers takes two to three times as long as it does when using Access and Bound Forms.If you create a query that joins the customer and enrollment tables, you could create a form that adds/updates records in both tables at once.But, this is a 1-many relationship so you'll end up duplicating the 1-side data for each enrolment row you add. In any case, a query of the three tables doesn't make sense for maintenance purposes.If you can't update the table, you can't update a query based on it.In my largest application, fewer than 5% of the select queries are not updateable.

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