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He led all of baseball in on base percentage and slugging percentage, while leading the National League in homers and runs. Well, we've only had one 50 homer season in the last five years (Chris Davis, 53 in 2013) so there's that.

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Running full speed into a wall would set most people back, and there’s nothing fantasy owners can do about a torn ligament while sliding.He's known as something of a base-stealing guru and it wouldn't be shocking to see Harper start to run more. He has just eight stolen bases in the last two seasons combined, but one of those was a 100-game injury-marred campaign. " There have been 11 seasons of 30 HR/20 SB in the last five years. Hell, we just saw Manny Machado go for 20 after going 10-for-17 in his first three seasons with two devastating knee injuries.Paul Goldschmidt has three 15 SB seasons in the last four (the other was 109 games cut by injury).This write-up can't be completed without at least mentioning the career-highs in homers per fly balls (27%) and batting average on balls in play (.369) which could come back a little bit and cost him some homers and average, but he also had a near one to one strikeout to walk ratio and an absurd 41% hard contact rate (tied for fifth w/Goldschmidt) so it's not like he lucked his way into those career-high marks. (Paul Sporer)The Quick Opinion: The fact that you read this site means you likely already know how useless RBIs are as a measure of how good a player's season, but if you're still on the fence consider that the unanimous MVP had just 99.Maybe if he hadn't taken so many walks and hit better than .330, he could've gotten more...

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