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Some of the older editions are still available as bundled software with graphics tablets and other devices from third party companies.

We do not have direct control over how Art Rage is packaged, or which the specific devices the retailer bundles Art Rage with, but all the possible devices are fully compatible with Art Rage (barring unusual software configurations, bugs, or out of date drivers).

Art Rage Studio Pro was also available on Steam at the end of 2012, although it has since been replaced by Art Rage 4.

It is currently up to version 3.5.11If you bought one of these two editions with a tablet or other hardware, then you can register it and upgrade to Art Rage 4 at a 50% discount.

It is currently up to version 4.5 and can be bought through this page.

The 4.5 update was released 11th August, 2014 and includes 64 bit support.

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