Updating pkgsrc

At home, I ssh to our department’s computers to use MATLAB. tmux, vim, emacs…) are either missing or too old on them.Manually installing them inside my home directory is not a choice for me since I don’t want to resolve all the dependencies by myself.The wise approach for those of us in that situation is to collaborate on making software deployment easier for everyone.If we do so, then even the smallest research groups can leverage that work to be more productive and make more frequent contributions to science.Package managers that support building from source (e.g.

In stead, they told me to use rhevm, which is unfortunately not well supported on Mac OS X.🙂 ) After some not so brief search on Internet, I got some choices as following: Then you will see some messages requiring you to download vulnerabilities file daily.Since I don’t have access to the crontab, I made a script which include the downloading command and run it manually.For example, below is a Free BSD ports dialog for building and installing the R statistics package.Maintaining tens of thousands of packages requires a lot of man-hours.

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