Updating quickbooks in networked client server environment

In the past, Quick Books has released a new version of their software each fall, sometime between September and November.

If history holds true, we should expect the Quick Books 2010 upgrade to be available in the fall of 2009.

If you download the prebuilt distribution package (this zip file) we have preset this option for you. ITX performs a nightly backup of the quickbooks files from the server and securely transfers them to an offsite location. Yes, you can copy files into your own computer's hard drive through the drive mapping mechanism provided in the Remote Desktop client. Yes, you can generate and email PDF's directly from the Quickbooks software.

This is a function provided by the software itself.

In some cases, these updates also add new functionality to Quick Books (example - the updates for Quick Books 2009 have added functionality that was not in the initial release of 2009), but generally, new functionality is added with a Quick Books upgrade (see discussion below).

This is done by clicking the "Options" button on the first window that appears, then clicking on the "Local Resources" tab.

Check the box marked "Disk Drives", and your drive will appear as a networked drive in the server environment.

(NOTE: If doing this in a networked environment, plan these updates (especially for your server) for off-working hours to minimize disruption and hassles).

An upgrade in Quick Books is simply the new version/year of Quick Books that is released.

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