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11/17/2015 - Originally written for Dream Factory 1.X, this post has been updated to reflect the current version, Dream Factory 2.0.After that it might be something besides Windows itself.(Corporate IT often has it's own thing that will apply hotfixes and reboots.) Update: shutdown /a did nothing huh? One quick way to reset the timer, is to lock your computer (Windows Key L). You can then either logon again (giving you valuable time to save the things you want saved), or stop the update service all together. The 15min timer is a real problem when it's a workstation I haven't booted in 3 weeks and I'm half way into a 1.6GB video upload when it chimes in.Have you got SQL data that you need to access from your mobile or web apps?If so, Dream Factory provides an easy and secure way to add a REST API to any SQL database in minutes.Then we'll show some simple examples of how to use the REST API to manage your SQL schema and data.If you're a video kind of person, we have some screencasts available.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Supported SQL databases include SQLite, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgres, and SAP SQL Anywhere.With the free, open source Dream Factory REST API backend all you have to do is create a service for your database, then use the auto-generated REST API to access that service.It appears that the answer to this question is evolving as Microsoft keeps making it harder to put off restarting.This answer was gleaned from many of the other answers and comments to this question.

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