Updating terastation firmware

One is older, and I will have to walk through getting that one up and running in another post.

Anyway, the TS5400 had 4 fresh 1TB disks installed, but no OS.

I recently bought a Buffalo Link Station LS220 NAS (network-attached storage) device.

The device itself is a good quality piece of hardware, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. RAID1) backup solution and intended to use it as an SSH server for my rsync backup scripts.

I’ve even provided instructions on how to open up the firmware, enabling SSH, Telnet and more.

Note that you will This step involves flashing a minimal image to the drives, allowing it to boot into EM Mode.

Switching over to the Japan site, we find that they only distribute the non serial locked software.Download the file and burn the ISO to a bootable USB using your favorite tool. To do this, simply reset power on the machine (looong press on the power button or just pull and reinsert the power cord).When the machine starts booting up, hit F2 or F7 repeatedly.When the BIOS boot screen comes up it should jump to BIOS.From here you can use the keyboard arrow keys to find the drive setup and enable your USB drive as the first bootable device.

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