Updating xm

I only have an "entertainment" folder with 1 station in it. Have you rebooted the center console (hold down both steering wheel scroll wheels until the center screen goes blank) after you activated? Tried re-sending the activation from the XM side as well as console reboots.Gave up and kept driving for a week or so listening to the two XM channels I had favorited.I have favorited a few channels, but there appears to be a directory of some sort that should have a lot of channels, but I get none.I get one folder "Entertainment" and it has one station "01" in it.

The station slider is still present for AM & FM radio bands.They would be correct if they took into account how the drivers and passengers prefer to access the entertainment.Having an intuitive interface is critical and in again in my opinion they have not succeeded in providing that interface based on my experience and that of what I am reading here.I have a "favorites" USB stick (since the media player doesn't support playlists and the favorites doesn't work very well with USB) and have been playing that USB with "random" mode (up until 8.0). Brought it back to Tesla twice and they have been unable to fix, though they keep reassuring me that engineering is working on a fix. after almost 4 weeks, the channels downloaded and updated on their own.They've even broken the random mode, since it appears the play will play songs in the same sequence, no matter what song you select first. Either that, or the SC finally read the forum posts and my service email and triggered an update.

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