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Which countries do Chinese businesses on e Bay sell to?This year, there has been a surprise decrease of 8% in the number of businesses on the list selling from China to the US.The world’s largest cross-border seller on e Bay is German: xa-electronics, at number eight on the list.Belgian philatelist, and list stalwart, matthijs_philatelie, is at #19 and Dutch seller vidaxl_de is at #59.Of those international e Bay traders, 85% are based in China or Hong Kong – 330 sellers in total, up from 281 in 2014, 315 in 2015 and 320 in 2016.In our 2016 list, businesses from outside China accounted for most of the growth in cross-border selling. Chinese business account for all of the (relatively small) growth in international ecommerce.The only other cross-border seller in the top 100 from outside China is Singaporean seller bitb99 at #79 on the list, up from #511 last year.Of course, these are not the only international sellers, just those with Premium/Featured e Bay Stores outside their home country – they sell overseas, it appears.

If you want to get straight to the data, here’s a jump down to the full list. Save time selling on e Bay, price competitively and offload repetitive jobs. Feedback volume is a useful approximation of the number of units sold, but is not directly linked to sales revenue. I’d love to hear your own observations in the comments at the end.There is no change in the number of international sellers from other parts of the world.Australia has been a big success story for e Bay, and has also attracted a large number of Chinese sellers.Looking at the country standings overall, China has gained 10 sellers in the top 1,000, Germany has an extra 12 sellers, the UK has lost 18, and there has been little change elsewhere.China is very secure in its position at the top, but if the UK and Germany continue their current trajectories, we could see Germany leapfrog the US to take second place, while the UK drop to fourth. These are the categories which the top 1,000 sellers list products in the most.

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