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I want my swap partition to be 128 Megabytes so I type I hit enter.One could type p again to verify that it’s going the way you want it to, that’s up to you.

so one should take a quick look at the script to see if this is necessary.

Net BSD is quite similar to Free BSD in this respect, however the startup script is usually found in /usr/pkg/local/rc.d It is hoped the above will enable you to get a program to run at boot without problems.

The aim of this QND guide is to get you up and running quickly with fdisk. Although most distros usually have their own graphical partitioning tools, it is good to be familiar with fdisk.

For instance, if you install cannaserver from the vanilla version we provide, (see the QND Guide to Using Japanese in *nix) you could simply add the following line to Arch Linux’s /etc/rc.local at a command prompt, a dialog comes up with various services.

Hitting the space bar while a particular service is hightlighted will add or remove an asterisk from it, determining whether or not it should be started at boot. The syntax is as follows, using sendmail as an example To stop it from running at startup simply change the on to off. A sample from it goes If one looks at the file, they can see other examples.

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