Validating xml writer

To build XML:: Xerces from an uninstalled Xerces-C set the XERCESCROOT environment variable the top-level directory of the source directory (i.e.the same value it needs to be to build Xerces-C): XML:: Xerces implements the vast majority of the Xerces-C API (if you notice any discrepancies please mail the list).In the future, when other data types are needed, this functionality will be expanded.If you locate a case in which you need this support, please alert the development team ([email protected]).

to_list(); # returns a hash of the attributes, where the keys are the # result of calling get Full Name() on the attributes, and the # values are the XML:: Xerces:: XMLAtt Def instances.

There are three classes available for application writers: Using these classes is as simple as creating a perl subclass of the needed class, and redefining any needed methods.

For example, to override the default fatal_error() method of the Perl Error Handler class we can include this piece of code within our application: Some errors occur outside parsing and are not caught by the parser's Error Handler.

The DOMWriter class is used for serializing DOM hierarchies. For less complex usage, just use the serialize() method defined for all DOMNode subclasses.

Thanks to suggestions from Duncan Cameron, XML:: Xerces now has a handler API that matches the currently used semantics of other Perl XML API's.

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