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How it's regenerated once used depends on the story.

It could simply require rest or eating, or it could require more exotic means, such as Intimate Healing or feeding on the Life Energy of others.

The Saccomanno Research Institute has recently initiated a "Biorepository Improvement Project" to convert all specimen and corresponding medical information associated with this archival collection into a secure electronic database to improve access and tracking of these valuable resources in future research.

Because archival tissues and their associated diagnostic records where patient outcomes are known represent an invaluable resource for future biomedical research, the Institute working with St.

Sometimes all that's required is a good old primal scream and focusing on what's important, really, really hard with a lot of emotion.

Mana can have many names, and often overlaps with Ki in its depiction - what differentiates them is how they are drawn out and used.

The Institute is uniquely suited to do cancer related biomedical research in "real-world" community practice settings.

These studies then progress to the clinical level or at the patient's "bedside." Basic research findings are used to develop new clinical diagnostics or therapies which are tested or evaluated sequentially in pre-clinical and then clinical settings.

If someone has a of mana stored up, expect various people in anime to comment on how their aura is strong.

The term is a Melanesian/Polynesian word for the power of the elemental forces of nature, as embodied in an object or person (essentially a badass is someone with lots of mana).

The bench-to-bedside approach to translational research is a two-way street.

Basic scientists generate new tools for clinicians to utilize in their practice and for assessment of their impact, and clinical researchers make novel observations about disease progression such that new basic investigations are stimulated. From its inception, groundbreaking research at the Saccomanno Research Institute has led to a greater understanding of the initiation and progression of cancer, as well as, major advances in early detection and diagnosis and their importance in the treatment of cancer.

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