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A lot of lonely people out there that think they'll gain special favor with the Gods for being unnaturally nice to the fairer sex. One time i got that:"Hey, ima a girly gurl DVA, heeeeeeeey peeeeeeeopleeee""Ima girly DVA"Goddarn, those messages in the chat was annoying as hell.

Only had one annoying harassment situation so far but that's not why I prefer to avoid voice. Don't know what happened in voice chat at that moment.

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Don't forget to check out the whole sim and the general chat area.

Customizing your profile The next screen allows you to customize your profile.

Enter each of the following fields: “Sex” , “Love Interest” , and “Message Recording.” (This is a pototype version, and you can ignore “Message Duration” feature for now.)2.1 Sex Identify your gender.2.2 Love Interest Select which gender you would like to send/receive messages.2.3 Voice message This is the message that people around you can listen to. Creating your voice message You can record a 5 second long voice message.

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