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But yet they were my boss and wasn’t even notified of the situation in the beginning . Lately myself and coworkers of mine have been dealing with the issue of under staffing and poor management.The so called loss prevention asshole was rude and not doing his job . On some days management is awesome but on other days with different managers, it is not so pleasant.I really want to see how long it takes you to reply and how serious you take customer complaints.I want to see a reaction from you – and I mean you, Corporate, and not a worthless store manager who obviously does not know how to run the store without running customers away.In 1962, the first modern layout “supercenter” design was opened in Grand Rapids.Under increased competition from Wal-Mart, Meijer has had to lay off a significant number of employees in recent years.Considering I’ve seen people Walk out with l carts and baskets full of unpaid merchandise and nothing was done to them .. As for under staffing, on days we get large loads of both gm and grocery, we only get help for the morning.

He finally left her alone but she later found out that TWO MORE incidents happened in the parking lot shortly after and similar to hers.

They could wear them all the time or at the very least, on the special Veteran Holidays to distinguish them.

I know my husband likes to connect with other vets and this would be one more way for him to make a connection within the Meijer community. I just left because of how I was treated by my supervisor.

They have also outsourced almost all their Information Technology positions to India.

In 2011, long time CEO Fred Meijer passed away at the age of 91.

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