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Additionally, samples were classified as having a rapid (less than 12 months), intermediate (12-24 months) or slow (more than 24 months) lag time.

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Nel caso ideale, il materiale incorporerà un isotopo genitore e rilascerà un isotopo figlio; solo l'isotopo figlio trovato esaminando un campione di materiale deve dunque essersi formato da quando esiste il campione.

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[Heinz introduces his fundamental Ethical Imperative of Cybernetics: "Always act to increase choice".] However, our celebration is overshadowed by the message that Aartje Hulstein passed away two days ago. Constructivist Foundations "publishes original scholarly work in all areas of constructivist approaches, especially radical constructivism, enaction and enactive cognitive science, second order cybernetics, biology of cognition and the theory of autopoietic systems, non-dualizing philosophy, neurophenomenology and first-person research, among others".

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Using innovative tools like our interactive 4D VIS site logistics model, we’re able to predict construction impacts and costs years in advance.