What do you think about one line dating

No one knows how they will react until they are forced to deal with it personally, before that it’s just tough talk and pretty quotes that make you look empowered.

You think it won’t happen to you, you think you’re too special, too fine, or too woke, but you’re not.

Let’s first start with something that will limit your anxiety and paranoia and help you understand the bigger picture.

“” Humans are complicated, they grow together only to grow apart, they have lapses in judgment, they move emotionally, in short—the person you start dating could tell you they would never hurt you or waste your time, and be sincere, only to falter later.

I’ve heard every cheating situation you could think of, and I’ve helped a lot of people bounce back without going through a bunch of messiness.

A lot of the stories I’m told or I’m sent are funny; the type of shit that would be a viral twitter thread just like #Hurt Bae, until you realize that someone’s heart is at the other end of the punch line.

People will do shit they couldn’t have predicted on the first date, the fourth date, or the day you both decided to be official. My point is you can’t fix your face to say you know how to stop cheating or how to avoid cheaters, because 9 out of 10 times that person doesn’t even know they have the potential to cheat until they’re put to the test.

It’s not as basic as getting it out of your system or not being a good person. No matter if it’s lack of attention, lust, or just plain old something to do out of boredom, you can’t predict that hole that will need to be filled. Tell me your solution is to fuck your man every night, have threesums, and be a super freak, and I’ll point out people that still cheated even when they were getting that type of Porno treatment.

I had one girl email me a story about sucking her boyfriend’s roommate’s dick after he left to go pick them up Chinese food.

Think about the guys you went to school with that were student athletes, the local D-boys, or any pretty boy that had his pick of thirsty girls, you think they transitioned into monogamy easy?

Young pussy, threesomes, sexting, video sessions, niggas in relationships get caught up with at least one of those things every day!

Homie came back and was confused as to why they kept giggling all night… In my own life, I remember getting my nerdy homeboy to hack into my LDR girlfriend’s voicemail because I knew by the way she was acting on the phone something was going on.

Sure enough we pulled up some old James Earl Jones sounding nigga talking about how he couldn’t wait for their weekend meetup.

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