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“I’ve been through a lot of change in my life, and we came up with a new look and it’s great,” Crawford said.

Last year, she earned a spot on “Britain’s Got Talent,” reaching the show’s finals while impressing judge Simon Cowell with her disappearing motorcycle act.“I’m going to be in a show that is revolutionary in the world of magic that nobody else has the ability or technology to do onstage,” Crawford said in a phone conversation this morning.“I am still new to magic, of course, but we will be adding and progressing, and I’ll be learning more and more as we develop this show.” “I am very excited to sign the hottest, most talented female magician who moves like magic,” Angel said today in a news release announcing Crawford’s role in the new show.The 27-year-old Belinda – the Princess of Latin Pop - has sold over 2 million albums in the US, and 16 million albums worldwide, making her the third best-selling female Mexican artist.The much older, 48 -year-old Criss Angel, has been on primetime television for more hours than any other magician in history and holds multiple world-records.

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