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Debra Bass and Gabrielle Union discussing her debut book "We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True" before a capacity crowd Saturday night at the St. Photo by Raquita Henderson “I wanted this [book] to feel like a conversation with my girls,” Gabrielle Union said Saturday night at the St. “Where we are sharing really uncomfortable truths and telling crazy tales – and there are cocktails.”When she came to town to discuss her debut book, “We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True,” the atmosphere of the discussion mirrored the energy she hoped for from the book.

The talk with former When she stepped to the stage after it was announced that the next day was her birthday, she was serenaded by them with Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Happy Birthday.”Union did a twirl, had a seat and dove head first into sharing her truths.

goes on to declare how much she now hates baby showers and mothers who endlessly talk about their kids and reporters who speculate about a baby bump and ask questions about her family’s future.

“People who know my fertility issues often hand their babies to me to hold, or text me pictures of babies (‘To keep hope alive! Nobody seems to think this is insensitive or maybe hard for me,” she writes. “Gabrielle ‘s Baby Hopes: ‘Everyone Needs to Get Out Of My P—y!

“Obviously I need more therapy.”They shared a laugh and Union talked about her life as a celebrity – particularly the lack of personal space, which is especially difficult for her as a rape survivor.“To be a ‘good celebrity’ is to allow everyone into your space and pose for every picture no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

Just think about how close you have to be for someone to take a selfie,” Union said.

“In my first marriage, he started playing in the NFL.

Her message is that her path to healing was ordered by honesty and authenticity – and that the process wasn’t always pretty.“I should be doing Facebook live from my therapist’s office, because that’s what gets me to the #goals pictures – which are filtered by the way,” Union said.

Being Gabrielle Union“I’d never be brave enough to say some of the things that you say in this book,” Bass told Union.

That’s how you evolve.” Authentically black Bass and Union discussed a chapter in the book entitled “Mittens.” Union was living in Chicago (when her husband Dwyane Wade was playing for Bulls) during a bitter winter.

She was wearing a hoodie, among other outerwear, on her way to the gym.

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