Who is divyanka tripathi dating

Divyanka Tripathi is an Indian TV actress with cute smile.

She has played a vital role in Television industry.

People assumed the cause of her break up is Karan Patel but reality is totally opposite.

The relationship of both of them (Divyanka and Ssharad) got weak just because of Ssharad.

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Here we are discussing about Divyanka Tripathi dating relationship and husband name….

In the upcoming episode we will see Shagun hide herself under water and start to drown then Ishita reaches the spot and saves her.

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Whether you are seeing someone, broke up with someone, secretly got engaged or married or had a baby, basically nothing is hidden for long. The two were in a relationship for good 7 years but unfortunately things didn’t work out and the two parted ways.

With rumours about Divyanka Tripathi dating her Ye Hai Mohabbatein co-actor Vivek Dahiya doing the rounds, the actress has clearly suggested what she thinks about the matter.

In a statement issued by the actress, she said, "I must be the most eligible single girl in town and that's why I am being subjected to these speculations. As far as dating is concerned, I'm not a `casual dating' person."Also read: From being a tomboy to having three boyfriends, TV's queen Divyanka Tripathi opens up She also added that she was looking forward to getting married with the consent of her parents.

She has played leading role in Indian daily soap and small supporting roles in Bollywood movies. She has won so many awards and different kind of beauty titles. But the when we look beneath the surface we get a triangle story.

Like other show business personalities, divyanka has also her own love story. After dating for many years at the end they were split. Divyanka was with Ssharad and he was with Rachna Parulkar, his co-star.

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