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The succession of King Alfonso's younger brother, Ramiro II, as king of Aragon in 1134 marked a reversal.

Navarre refused to accept his authority, and a descendant of the previous dynasty was installed as king of Navarre.

This suggestion is corroborated by the dating clauses of the earliest Aragonese charters referring to the regnal years of the Carolingian kings/emperors.

The couples descendants ruled both as kings of Navarre and counts of Aragon until the death of Sancho III "el Mayor" King of Navarre in 1035.Galindo Garca, shown above, on the basis of his patronymic.However, the name Garca is not common among the known descendants of Aznar Galndez which suggests that his father may have been another Galindo.Autonomous counts are recorded in Aragon, power alternating between two different families, between the early 9th and the early 10th centuries.No reference has been found in primary source documentation which indicates who was their suzerain, but the number of marriages with the Navarrese royal family suggest that it may have been the king of Navarre.

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