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Gray is best known for her international hit single I Try, taken from her multi-platinum debut album On How Life Is.The last time Gray were in this area was a show in Lismore in 2015 as part of her The Way tour.Related: Listen To The Christmas Queens , she spreads the message of peace and love while touching on gun control, health care, education — and of course throws a little shade Donald Trump's way!

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I just hope people take it seriously enough as music. I hope people listen to it and just love the song." We understand why she's concerned. Some people wear their gowns on the red carpet and call it a day; others use their garb to send a message to the world at large!The video follows an adorably animated vibrator strutting around the bedroom and office to the bubbly beat of the jazzy tune. Madonna promoted her latest album at the Met Gala on Monday by wearing a Moschino dress with written on the front AND back!But, it's the perfect balance of cute and crude, and we totally LOVES it! We're of the opinion that it's not a good look to do album promo at such a classy event, but Her Madgesty wasn't the first! As we previously reported, Beyoncé was very evident in the teaser that dropped the day before, and now we're seeing exactly what role she plays as the rapper confesses to her his sins in the Ava Du Vernay-directed video!Now Gray has a new release, Stripped, a jazz album.Your Lismore show was a dance party as much as a concert, and it sounds this will be a simmilar gig? I always go into a show hoping my fans are having a great time and dancing.

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    ; December 30, 1910 – November 18, 1999) was an American expatriate composer, author, and translator.