Who is michael hutchence dating

Michael Kelland John Hutchence (22 January 1960 – 22 November 1997) was an Australian musician and actor.

He was a founding member, lead singer and lyricist of rock band INXS from 1977 until his death in November 1997.

Hutchence's parents separated when he was 15; in 1976 for a short time, he lived with his mother and half-sister Tina in California.

In 1977, a new band, The Farriss Brothers, was formed with Tim Farriss on lead guitar, his younger brother Andrew as keyboardist, and youngest brother Jon on drums.

who has attributed his own success as a songwriter to Hutchence's "genius".After Hutchence and Andrew finished their secondary schooling, the rest of the group followed.Hutchence, the Farriss brothers, Kerny, Sanders, Beers and Kennelly briefly performed as The Vegetables, singing "We Are the Vegetables".Around this time, Hutchence and Farriss spent a lot of time jamming in the garage with Andrew's brothers.Farriss then convinced Hutchence to join his band, Doctor Dolphin, alongside two classmates, Kent Kerny and Neil Sanders.

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