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(Soffer and Bush split last June after nearly a year of dating, but were caught holding hands in NYC in September.) "One of my favorite Linstead scenes — there's a scene at the bar, I think in season 2, where Sophia's character is giving my character crap about dating the bartender and we end up using Scrabble in quotes as analogy for having sex," Soffer recalls, laughing. Even just reading it the first time, I think I loved it and it came out great too." The costars and their castmates have become close while filming in the Windy City over the years.But Soffer, Bush, 33, and Patrick John Flueger, who plays Adam Ruzek, actually first worked together before Chicago P. "We all did a pilot together playing siblings, which is just crazy.It's unheard of that three people end up on another show the next year together," Soffer tells Us. We were all supposed to be in Chicago together, and I'm grateful to have them there." Read more of Soffer's Q&A below: US WEEKLY: There are a lot of shirtless scenes. I like to take shots at Patty [Flueger] or La Royce [Hawkins] if they get too close.What's a day in the gym like for you and the cast? You can probably find about eight of them in my closet.

You go, ' Ah, I gotta get in there because I had the mac and cheese and the fried chicken today.' It's an uphill battle, but we do a good job. US: You and a lot of your costars also love to ride motorcycles together. It's like the next show, the fifth show, [should be] Chicago Biker Gang or Chicago Sons of Anarchy. JLS: Physically, the first episode of season 3, I was getting tortured. But what I look forward to is getting a motorcycle on the show.

My mom always said, "Never let an enemy know they're an enemy." Platt has always been like, "He's never going to marry you," but I don’t want to show any chinks in the armor.

Actually, my character puts in for a transfer from the district because after thinking all this through, she decides, ' I can't be near this guy.' I feel like Platt will intervene because what would she do without Burgess? Having to step up for Platt and be there for Platt and be positive.

The film centers on suspicious activity in a large New York City apartment building.

Flueger plays Phil Logan, a mysterious new super of the building, where strange disappearances often go unnoticed for days.

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