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All basic resources needed to progress, build, and raid will exist in most areas in the map in varying amounts. Exotic Items Each biome will have small progressions inside them that allow non crucial upgrades to parts of the core progression or quality of life improvements.A large amount of this will be from random meteor strikes, air drops and other random world events that will be either telegraphed by sound / effects or marked on your ingame map. Over the weeks of a wipe I would imagine most people would spend time collecting them as the become available, however you will be fully able to carve out a niche anywhere on the map without needing to do a shitload of travelling.We have disregarded polish in the interest of iterating quickly and determining what sucks as fast as possible.The difficult thing to understand after an experiment doesn’t work, is did it fail because it was a shitty idea, or did it fail because we executed it poorly.The problem is that having a vehicle makes it infinitely easier to find / steal more vehicles, this creates a big effect to start with which is compounded by the fact that car chassis are competitive.

Calling in Chassis Drops In the next major experimental release, we will be introducing the ability to call in entry level vehicle Air Drops for a significant construction cost.

We will aim for a fairly broken experimental build by next Friday with most of the above features (which I’m actually really excited about).

Experimental Wipe We will be wiping experimental this Friday without a patch as the servers are getting pretty stale.

Hazardous Weather Less constant environmental pressure, but harsher random events that you will be warned about.

An example would be a sandstorm or blizzard that is forecast on your map with plenty of time to get out of it, if you stay it will kill you unless you have specific exotic items to mitigate its effects. As you can see from the above points we have lots of content authoring work to do, fortunately we have all the systems in place to achieve the above with very little code.

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