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A second pre-Crisis Cheetah, Debbie Domaine, the niece of the original, was an ecologist, she was kidnapped, brainwashed into a feral ecoterrorist, and trained in unarmed combat by Kobra. The current Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, is a former archeologist and treasure-hunter who sold her soul to the plant-god Urtzkartaga for power and immortality, not realizing she would be bound in eternal servitude to him.She, aside from Circe and Ares, is arguably Wonder Woman's archenemy.Ares, referred to by the Roman name Mars for most of the pre-Crisis period, is the god of war and son of the Greek god Zeus.In the post-Crisis timeline, Ares had plotted to start World War III, which led to Diana becoming Wonder Woman.She then transferred her essence into Olga, a circus strong-woman.Post-Crisis she has the power to grow to gigantic size.

The Angle Man was created as a recurring foil for Wonder Woman during the 1950s and 1960s.Minerva briefly lost her power to Argentine businessman Sebastian Ballesteros, who became Circe's consort and funded the transformation of Vanessa Kapatelis into the Silver Swan.He lost the Cheetah power in a deadly battle with Minerva and was later found slain by Minerva after having abducted Kapatelis and again transformed her into the Silver Swan.Ridiculed as a child for his small stature and strange appearance, Doctor Psycho grew up to be highly sexist and misogynistic.Formerly a brilliant student, he went mad and turned to crime after being framed for a crime by a rival who stole the only girl he ever loved.

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