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Being a hero is in, and if you're popular enough you could make some money from your merch sales.

But as the threats keep growing will the heroes adapt? Vote for December's page here to see the most unlikely thing that could ever happen in Exiern!

Let us just say they are more Legion of Doom than Justice League. In it, humans and androids live side-by-side, dealing with the politics and cultures of different people, along with touching on the very fundamentals of humanity.

Old strains are being brought up and something sinister is lurking around. Everything changes when a stranger walks into her coffee shop, realizes what she is, and offers to help. The Cummoner is a comic series about the magical and erotic adventures of young sorceress Vilga and her various companions. The Crimson Claw is a family man - one trying to blend his work and family life together. Life's interesting for the Claw: defending his hover fortress, organizing major heists, and dealing with parent teacher meetings are all on the agenda!

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    Games playable inside the stream included Ask Me, Rate Me and 2 Truths and a Lie.